Top Tips To Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

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Top Tips To Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

Heading away on holiday is an exciting time for all family members, but not so much for pets. The majority of the time the family pet stays at home while the rest of the household heads away to explore new surroundings. Getting a pet ready for a boarding experience takes time and planning, but where do you start? That's where these blog posts have you covered. From packing food needs to ensuring they have excess medication supplies, using these tips takes the stress out of your pet's boarding adventure. Pets pick up on owner anxiety, so use this advice to ensure your pet's time away from home is as enjoyable as your holiday trip will be.

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3 Signs Of A Good Pet Resort

When you decide to place your pet in the care of a pet care provider for a short period of time, it can be difficult to decide on the right place. Pet resorts are becoming more popular due to the homey environment they provide, which sets them apart from most boarding kennels. However, if you've never used a pet resort before, you may not know what to expect and what level of service is normally provided. Here are three signs of a good pet resort:

Health And Hygiene

When visiting pet resorts, pay attention to their hygiene practices and health policies. Look for cleaning charts on the walls, ask about how your pet's living environment will be kept clean and check how pets that become sick during their stay are cared for. A good pet resort will be open and happy to answer any questions you have, and you should be able to see their policies and inspect any part of their facilities. They should have infection control policies in place to ensure sick animals don't infect healthy animals, but you'll also want to check that sick animals will still receive high-quality care, such as one-on-one playtime and grooming, even if they have to be separated from the other pets in the resort.  

Home Comforts

You should be able to take a few of your pet's favourite home comforts to your chosen resort, such as a blanket or toy, but the resort should also provide comfortable living and exercise areas for your pet that will help them settle in and feel like they have a home away from home. Look for comfortable bedding, temperature-controlled sleeping areas, quiet areas for relaxation, access to fresh water and a high staff-to-pet ratio that allows your pet to receive lots of individual attention.

Tailored Activities

You won't want your pet to get bored during their stay at a pet resort, as this can lead to them experiencing anxiety. A good pet resort will have a range of stimulating toys and activities on offer for your pet, which will allow them to socialise with others and have fun during their stay. For example, a variety of climbing towers and scratch posts would be available for cats, while dogs may have access to a swimming pool or agility training sessions. Additionally, if your pet has a particular activity they enjoy, staff should be willing to try and incorporate that activity into their stay if it's practical to do so.  

Once you've visited a few pet resorts, you'll have a good idea of what feels right for your pet. Remember to check references before checking your pet into a resort and let staff know if you would like updates on how your pet is doing during the course of their stay.