Top Tips To Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

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Top Tips To Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

Heading away on holiday is an exciting time for all family members, but not so much for pets. The majority of the time the family pet stays at home while the rest of the household heads away to explore new surroundings. Getting a pet ready for a boarding experience takes time and planning, but where do you start? That's where these blog posts have you covered. From packing food needs to ensuring they have excess medication supplies, using these tips takes the stress out of your pet's boarding adventure. Pets pick up on owner anxiety, so use this advice to ensure your pet's time away from home is as enjoyable as your holiday trip will be.

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How To Prepare Your Cat For Time Away From You

Millions of Australians go on holiday every year, and those with pets have to find someone to look after them when they are gone. Cat boarding places are very popular for owners of these fluffy felines, but you don't want to just surprise your cat with this new event. Before you go on holiday, you should prepare your cat for a stay at a cat boarding place to ensure that their transition is smooth and that they are less stressed about the new environment and the new people. 

Visit The Cat Boarding Facility Beforehand

A good way to familiarise your cat with the cat boarding location is to visit it. Hopefully, if you ask and prepare beforehand, you will be allowed to at least come into the waiting room and see a few of the people who work there. Since you are visiting the new environment with your cat, they will at least have a familiar face to feel secure. This will make the eventual transfer much easier and will relax your cat. The last thing you want is to leave a screeching and agitated cat, which is why these steps are so important.

Stock Up On Their Food And Medication

Most cat boarding places allow you to leave your desired food for your cat if you wish. While the food that cat boarding places have on hand is very good, you might have a particular diet in mind for your cat, or maybe they are just a picky eater. Stocking up on your cat's favourite food and giving it to their handlers is a good way to provide the comforts of home for your cat while they are in the cat boarding facility. Medication is also very important: if your cat requires regular medication, then you must plan for your time away and provide specific instructions for the administration of the medicine. 

Pack Plenty Of Items That Remind Them Of Home

The only way to make your cat feel at home is to give them as much of your home as you can possibly fit in their bag! If they have a favourite blanket, pillow or toy, then pack it with them. Cats are finicky creatures, and becoming comfortable in a new location is never a quick process for them. Cat boarding facilities are exceptionally nice and built with cats in mind, but even a few bits and bobs from home can speed this process up. Your cat's handlers will no doubt thank you, and it will make for a more smooth trip overall for everyone.

Contact a local cat boarding facility to learn more.